Virat Kohli relationships revealed

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Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team, is not just known for his exceptional skills on the cricket field but also for his high-profile relationships. Before tying the knot with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, Kohli’s romantic life was a subject of much speculation and curiosity among his fans and the media alike. In this article we will deliver into Virat Kohli relationships in early state of his career and getting married to Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli relationships in early phase

1. Sarah Jane Dias

Sarah Jane Dias, crowned Miss India in 2007, reportedly caught Virat Kohli’s eye after his triumph as the Under-19 World Cup winning captain. Their alleged romance stirred the media frenzy even before Kohli’s senior Indian team debut.

2. Tamannaah Bhatia

The enchanting Tamannaah Bhatia and Virat Kohli shared the screen in a mobile commercial, igniting rumors of a budding relationship. Fans were thrilled to see the duo together, though the speculation remained unconfirmed.

3. Sanjjanaa Galrani

Reports surfaced suggesting a romantic involvement between Virat Kohli and South actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, who crossed paths during her stint with the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. Their alleged connection sparked interest among fans and media alike.

4. Izabelle Leite

For a span of two years, Virat Kohli was reportedly in a relationship with Izabelle Leite, as revealed by the latter in an interview. Despite mutual confirmation, the details of their liaison remained private.

5. Sakshi Agarwal

Sakshi Agarwal, an actress primarily known for her work in the Tamil film industry, was purportedly Virat Kohli’s first prominent girlfriend. Their relationship, though short-lived, garnered attention in the early stages of Kohli’s cricketing career.

Virat Kohli marriage with Anushka Sharma:

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma first crossed paths during the shooting of a commercial. Their relationship blossomed over time, and they soon became one of the most talked-about couples in India. Their union was not just about two individuals coming together but also about two different worlds colliding – cricket and Bollywood.

Marriage and Family Life:

After dating for several years, Virat and Anushka tied the knot in a lavish ceremony attended by their friends, family, and colleagues from the entertainment and sports industries. Their marriage marked a significant milestone in both their personal and professional lives.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers:

Despite their demanding careers, Virat and Anushka have always been each other’s biggest supporters. Whether it’s cheering from the stands during cricket matches or promoting each other’s projects on social media, they have consistently shown unwavering support for one another.

Public Appearances and Social Media Presence:

Their presence on social media platforms has further fueled public interest in their relationship. From sharing adorable pictures to expressing their love for each other through heartfelt posts, Virat and Anushka have given fans a glimpse into their personal lives.

Challenges and Controversies:

However, their relationship hasn’t been without its share of challenges. Media scrutiny and rumors have often put their relationship under the spotlight, leading to unnecessary controversies. Despite the hurdles, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to each other.


In 2021, Virat and Anushka embraced parenthood with the arrival of their daughter, Vamika. The birth of their child brought them immense joy and strengthened their bond as a family. Anushka delivered second baby boby Akaay on 15th feb 2024.

Balancing Fame and Privacy:

Balancing fame and privacy has been a constant struggle for Virat and Anushka. While they are public figures, they also value their privacy and make conscious efforts to shield their personal lives from the prying eyes of the media.

Mutual Interests and Hobbies:

Outside of their professional commitments, Virat and Anushka share a number of interests and hobbies. From traveling to exploring new cuisines, they enjoy spending quality time together whenever their busy schedules allow.

Charitable Work and Philanthropy:

Both Virat and Anushka are actively involved in various charitable initiatives and social causes. They use their platform to raise awareness about important issues and contribute towards making a positive impact on society.

Advice for Couples in the Limelight:

Through their relationship journey, Virat and Anushka have learned valuable lessons about navigating fame and maintaining a strong bond amidst public scrutiny. They emphasize the importance of trust, communication, and unwavering support in any relationship, especially when in the public eye.

Future Plans and Aspirations:

As they continue to excel in their respective fields, Virat and Anushka have ambitious plans for the future. Whether it’s exploring new career opportunities or starting a family foundation, they are committed to making a difference in the world together.


In conclusion, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s relationship is a testament to love, commitment, and mutual respect. Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, they have emerged stronger as a couple and continue to inspire millions with their love story.

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